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Option 1 - The Onboarding Zone

Guided learning, step by step.

The Teamwork Onboarding Zone is a complete learning management solution, guiding you through your journey to becoming a Expert!

Hundreds of lessons are organised in a way to guide you through the learning process in a structured way, with regular quizzes and assignments to test your knowledge along the way.

We will also keep track of which courses, videos and quizzes you and your team have completed, helping you earn that Master certification, and ensuring that everyone knows the software that they are working in.

Option 2 - The Browser Plugin

Integrated Learning within Products!

Learn directly within with our browser plugin.

Whether you use Chrome, Firefox or Opera (and more browsers coming soon!), our browser plugin makes getting up to speed with products a breeze.
No more tedious How-To documents or navigating across between browser windows while you look for the information you want. 

Our browser plugin is smart too! Its powerful AI will recommend lessons from the Onboarding Zone to you as you navigate the interface and you can even keep working while the video plays!

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects

Designed to quickly take you from being an absolute beginner in using Teamwork projects through to being a confident advanced user, utilising insightful practical use case applications of what is covered throughout the courses.

Guiding you through the skills to not only be confident and efficient in your Teamwork Projects feature use, but also in successfully getting your entire team happy and comfortable working inside of your Teamwork Projects environment.

You can choose to work through each series in progressive steps, or want to pick and choose relevant courses and lessons as you go, the choice is yours.

Projects Beginner Series

From Zero to Hero!

Designed to quickly move users from being absolute beginners in Teamwork Projects to being capable and proficient Teamwork Projects users. Geared to give you the skills you need to set up your Teamwork Projects account and workspace…

Projects Advanced Series

Become a Teamwork Projects Master!

Take your Teamwork Projects skills to the next level with our advanced series. Learn the secrets of project templates, time saving tips and plenty of practical advice on how to apply best practice, you will finish these courses as a Teamwork Projects Master.

Projects In Practice

Build Your Use Case

Be confident that you have set up your environment and projects just right for your team. Using a guided, build-as-you-go, approach you will move from knowing about features and functionality to being able to use them with laser-like precision as you create and work on projects

Help Desks can be noisy environments, but our Teamwork Desk courses are designed to cut down the noise by guiding you through the process of setting up your account  and inboxes to alleviate to common pain points of customers services; allowing to your team to breathe easier and your client satisfaction to improve.

Whether this is your fist time working with a Help Desk, or you are Help Desk veteran, you will find useful information designed for your level of experience in these courses.

Work though them all, or simply choose what you need to know, we will guide you in successfully becoming confident in your abilities and getting your team onboard.

Welcome to the Teamwork Desk online learning!

Desk Beginner Series

Newbie To Specialist

Purpose built to take users on a journey from Desk Newbie to Specialist. Designed to go beyond basic skills, users are provided with everything they need to become proficient client services agents, and Desk Specialists

Desk Advanced Series

Customer Service Master!

Moving from Desk proficiency to mastery has never been this easy. Learn to master the skills of interpreting team and client reports while creating greater levels of trust with clients through personalizing responses. You will complete these courses as a true Client Services Master

Desk In Practice Series

Customer Service In Action

Learn how to make Desk work best for your individual use case. Geared to help give you best practice across industries, these courses allow users to understand how Desk can be best utilized to create sustainable customer services success.

Communication is critical for any teams success, and Teamwork Chat is a fantastic tool for quick centralised communication amongst your team that allow you to finally be rid of those multiple portals of communication. Our chat course is designed to compliment your Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk experience, by guiding you as you set up communication channels that will allow your team to have user friendly, and clutter free communication environment.

We guide you through the various platforms in which you and your team can use the Teamwork Chat, as show you some great tips for utilizing Teamwork Chat to move projects forward.

Whether you are a chat novice or master communicator, you will find something to improve your Teamwork Chat skill in this course!

Chat Beginner Series

Know It All!

Changing users’ experience in chat from being a once in a while to a vital, central aspect how how team communication can occur. These courses are designed to move users from being Chat novices to Chat masters in one go, even sharing the secrets to linking Chat to your projects in Teamwork Projects.

Chat In Practice Series

Chat For You

Designed to assist users in determining the best way to use Chat in their team. Best practice and intuitive use case examples help users learn skills enabling them to make the  best to use Chat for their purposes.

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